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Priyanka Nath

Tech, Marketing & Advertising

Google, Expedia, Dell

Work experience

I’m a senior marketer and digital strategist with ~16 years of experience across B2B/B2C, global/regional/country remits across the technology industry. I've led teams in a variety of situations, from in - person to remote setups - with a focus on driving results, building influence with cross-functional teams / stakeholders and using my voice to advocate for people not in the room.

What energises me at work

My experience in digital and performance marketing has enabled me to stay agile & curious, be informed by data and drive commercial impact, above all else.

One thing I'm proud of achieving in my career

I've pivoted quite a few times in my career and benefited from the breadth of learning that these opportunities bring: from a mature B2C ecommerce role to a B2B enterprise setup, an individual contributor to a people manager, traditional marketing to digital, country scope to regional & global responsibilities. My ability to learn & up-level on business priorities and focus on the bigger picture has made a big difference.


Performance Marketing, Digital Strategy, Leadership

Mentorship Areas

Career Guidance, Interview Prep, Workplace Coaching

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