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Pablo Garcia N.


Meta, Google

Work experience

I have over a decade of experience in analytics, policy and operations, including 6 years of people management and leadership roles with a scope spanning multiple European and Asian countries.

As a people manager, I have directly coached, mentored, and supported the careers of dozens of people in analytics, program management and policy roles, interviewed hundreds of candidates, and built international and diverse teams from the ground up.

Along the way, I realized there is hardly anything more rewarding than helping and seeing people become the best version of themselves.

What energises me at work

I get energized by bringing people together in the pursue of challenging goals. I am passionate about figuring out how things work, how they could work, and how they should work to achieve a vision. Having lasting impact is important to me.

One thing I'm proud of achieving in my career

Throughout my career, I have held individual contributor and people manager roles. I have also been part of both, 0 to 1 teams as well as teams which were in their scale-up phase. I have learnt how to navigate and thrive in ever-changing organizations, and grow with them.


Program Management, Online Safety Ops, Leadership

Mentorship Areas

Career Guidance, Workplace Coaching, Interview Prep

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