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Melissa Park

Retail, Consumer Goods, Logistics

Nike, DHL, Cadbury Schweppes

Work experience

HR Leader with 20-year track record spanning across multiple geographies and industries including: Retail, Logistics, Supply Chain and Consumer Goods. I am also a Founder, Coach & Consultant working with teams & individuals to unlock their full potential in the areas of: Teams, Leadership & Career Transitions. I have experienced firsthand the power of mentorship and having someone with experience support you on your own journey.

What energises me at work

As a HR Leader and Certified Coach, I am energised by the work I do with teams and individuals to unlock their full potential. I get so much joy from seeing others succeed and become the best versions of themselves.

One thing I'm proud of achieving in my career

I have seen my career grow in the organisations that I work with through my hard work and commitment to the success of the teams and people I work with. I continue to succeed because of the support of others around me for which I am grateful for.


Human Resources, Team Leadership, Career Guidance

Mentorship Areas

Workplace Coaching, Interview Prep, Career Guidance

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