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Kristy Cook

Tech, Marketing & Advertising

Meta, Yahoo, Bell Canada

Work experience

I have more than 35 years of work experience, including 25 years as a people manager. I like to work with people to truly understand what work they love and how to do more of that! Its easier to be successful if you do work you enjoy.

What energises me at work

Making sure I am working with people that support and inspire me tied to work I am good at is my job/career recipe! Tough to get all of these at the same time but knowing what's most important is key.

One thing I'm proud of achieving in my career

Finally knowing what I am good and and doubling down on that - I like to build and everything I work on has to have this. Fun fact - I was part of the team at Yahoo! that built the first Dog Emoticon in 2006!


Career moves & change

Mentorship Areas

Career Guidance

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