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Kachi N.

Tech, Accounting & Retail

Google, Meta, HSBC, Prudential

Work experience

My work experience has equipped me with in-depth knowledge and insights of the evolving job market and advanced job search and interview strategies, which I believe will help mentees tremendously in their career development, job search, and personal growth.

What energises me at work

As a seasoned Talent Acquisition professional, I find immense satisfaction in connecting people with their dream jobs by helping them discover their career goals, understand their strengths, and preparing them to be their best in the job search and career journey.

One thing I'm proud of achieving in my career

I'm fortunate to be growing my own career at some of the biggest organisations across different industries, navigating the most challenging and ever changing hiring needs in a highly competitive talent market.With the right strategies, dedication, and a growth mindset, we can achieve any career goal!


Talent acquisition, Interview prep, Career growth

Mentorship Areas

Interview Prep, Workplace Coaching, Career Guidance

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