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Ishan Sethi

Tech, Finance

Meta, Google, Citibank

Work experience

I have worked in Product roles for nearly a decade, leading product teams & scrums to deliver great customer experiences (CX). My work in Program Management has also revolved around CX. Our customers are evolving and their expectations are set by the best experience they find, even outside your industry. I'm excited to work with aspiring CX professionals, to help them identify the best way to build these experiences.

What energises me at work

One aspect of my career that fueled my passion was leading cross-functional teams to solve complex problems. The strength of diverse perspectives and skills coming together to create innovative solutions was not just professionally fulfilling but also incredibly energizing.

One thing I'm proud of achieving in my career

Launched several digital products to market, which solved actual customer needs. Saw NPS improvement from our customers on our app & oversaw an increase in app usage.


Product Management, Customer Experience, Program Management

Mentorship Areas

Interview Prep, Workplace Coaching, Career Guidance

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