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Audrey L.

Accounting & Finance

Maybank, JPMorgan, PWC

Work experience

I have 20+ years of experience in providing professional financial advice to corporates and ultra high-net worth families in Asia to navigate the ever-changing business landscape and capital markets. I have hired and developed many young talents that have gone on to excel in the banking and financial sector as well as in many other sectors or just in life.

What energises me at work

Finding my voice from a timid young woman in a cut-throat industry and constantly navigating to grow, seek and hold my ground.

One thing I'm proud of achieving in my career

Going through two major organisational mergers and restructurings within a year and be the only one left in the original team has taught me the importance of resilience and flexibility to constantly adapt to changes.


Leadership, Financial Advisory

Mentorship Areas

Workplace Coaching, Interview Prep, Career Guidance

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