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You deserve a career you love

Talk to mentors who have thrived in the industries, companies and roles that you desire.

Jumpstart your career now

Ever left an interview feeling like you could have done better? Striving for that promotion but without success? Considering a career switch?

We are here to help.

Accelerate your career with 1-1 coaching from our community of accomplished mentors. Get a leg up from their wealth of perspective and real hiring experience.

Nothing beats experience

Professional success
Our mentors have between 15 to 30 years of work experience, including leadership roles. Draw on their rich experience to better navigate your workplace and career challenges. 

Hiring experience
We carefully selecmentors who have been on both sides of the table and can provide an edge in helping you land your dream job

Diverse backgrounds
Our global network of mentors spans multiple industries and roles. Shape your career growth with their unique vantage point.

Get career guidance from seasoned professionals with real hiring experience

Learn from the best

Our mentors come from leading companies in Tech, Finance, Government & more


How It Works

Free 15 minute discovery call

Get to know us while we understand your mentorship objectives

Get matched to the best mentor for you

Receive tailored guidance from mentors in your industry or role

Speak to a mentor whenever you need to

Schedule a session online at anytime, from anywhere, at your convenience

What Our Mentees Say About Us

"After the session [with Kachi], I was able to streamline my thoughts and decisively exclude the options that I know will not work out for me.  I think it's quite impressive that a single mentoring session was able to provide me with such clarity in thinking.  This allows me to be able to deep dive into career-related issues in a more targeted manner during in my next mentoring session."

Amanda, Singapore

  • What sets Jump Mentors apart from other career coaching and mentoring services?
    At Jump Mentors, we pride ourselves on curating a community of accomplished professionals, many of whom are leaders in the organisations they work at. They bring real world experience on navigating workplace challenges and career growth across diverse industries. They also have experience in hiring and building teams, and can share invaluable advice with new managers. Jump Mentors also offer mentees the flexibility to decide if they want a once off consultation with our mentors, or a longer term mentoring relationship. Our goal is not just to help our clients land a job or get that next promotion, but to set them up for long-term career success and fulfilment.
  • How do I find the right mentor for me?
    When you create your profile, be sure to provide detailed information about your goals, skills, and preferences. Our 30 minute free discovery call helps us to better understand your mentorship objectives and uses this to suggest suitable mentors for you. You can also browse through profiles to find potential matches manually. Additionally, we encourage open communication between mentors and mentees during the initial discussions to ensure alignment of expectations and goals.
  • Who should join Jump Mentors as a mentee?
    Anyone looking to accelerate their career growth and discover their career interests would benefit from speaking to our mentors. You may be a: - Young professional looking to establish your career or pivot into new areas - New manager facing challenges in managing your team's performance - Job seeker needing help with interview prep
  • Is the information shared during the mentoring sessions kept confidential?
    Yes, the mentoring session is meant to be a safe space for mentors and mentees to speak to each other. Any information shared during each session is meant to be confidential. We adhere to strict privacy policies as stated in our Privacy Agreement, and our mentors and mentees are both required to abide by our Terms of Service and Code of Conduct. Please reach out to us if you have any specific concerns. Your trust in our platform is important to us.
  • My preferred mentor doesn't seem to be available at the time I want.
    Not to worry, reach out to us at with your availability and we can speak to the mentor to find a suitable time for both of you.
  • How do I reschedule a session if the timing no longer works for me?
    You can reschedule your session for free up to 24 hours before the agreed time. Thereafter, we will charge you a S$20 admin fee to reschedule the session. Your time is important, but so is your mentor's!
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