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What We Do

Jump Mentors makes it easy for you to find the career insights you need, when you need it.

Career Guidance
Workplace Coaching
Interview Prep
Unlock your career potential with career guidance and coaching

Career Guidance

Unlock your career potential with experienced mentors. Get personalised advice to accelerate your career, whether starting or transitioning in your professional journey.

Topics may include: 

  • Choosing a career path

  • Overcoming career plateaus and dissatisfaction

  • Making career pivots 

Get workplace coaching from our mentors

Workplace Coaching

We spend most of our waking hours working - how you feel at work affects your overall wellbeing. Navigate workplace challenges effectively with help from our seasoned mentors.

Topics may include: 

  • Giving and receiving feedback at work

  • Promotion coaching

  • New manager coaching

Prepare for interviews with tips from and practice with our mentors

Interview Prep

Practise interviewing with our mentors and get immediate feedback. Benefit from their industry knowledge and hiring experience to ace your interviews.

Come prepared with:

  • Details of the desired role

  • A copy of your resume

  • Any specific questions you want to practise

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